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Oktober 1971, starb Jo Siffert bei einem Rennunfall während eines nicht zur. While researching this article I came across a single reference that McQueen gave his Monaco to his financial advisor. McQueen looked over all the Heuers, picking the Monaco even over the Autavia that was more the racer’s watch with its highly legible dial and outer rotating tachymeter scale on the bezel. “The Heuer company contacted me and made an offer to buy one of the remaining Monacos for $5,000. The story of obsession, betrayal and ultimate vindication. He picked it up and said, ‘I’d like to wear this’.”. Then Nunley pointed out the Heuer patch on the white Nomex driver’s suit McQueen had already chosen and told the actor that Michael Delaney probably wouldn’t wear an Omega watch when his suit said Heuer. We decided to meet at his estate. My friend now admits that he should have bought all the Heuer stock he could haven gotten his hands on. The watch is in exceptional condition and comes with its original manual of operation containing a factory typed notation that the watch was sold to “24 h at Le Mans 1970.” An orange sticker on the back of the watch bears the reference number 1133b (the sticker is rubbed from wear, as McQueen wore the watch extensively in production) and a notarized letter of authenticity from Le Mans prop master Donald Nunley. Plot. Who knows, he just might still have the Monaco.”. After the friend’s death, his son (Nunley’s godson) wanted to sell the Monaco, so Nunley connected him with collector and real estate investor Michael Isenberg in Beverly Hills. Back in the 1970s, Steve McQueen was the king of cool: he was a world-famous movie star and a prominent racecar driver. But it was up to Steve to sell the audience on his final selections.”. It turns out that a husband and wife who didn’t know the other was even bidding purchased both watches for a little over the $9,000 bids each. Lesen Sie weiter. But what happened to the Monaco models used on set and where are they today? In 1970, Jack Heuer himself delivered a variety of his chronograph timepieces to Donald Nunley, prop master on the set of Le Mans in France. He was drawn to the Omega. However, prop pieces used in films are generally treated roughly, yet this watch was described as being in “exceptional condition.” There’s the conundrum. Chris Malburg interviews the propmaster to find out. Movie props suffer from hard use; this is an industry where time is money. "Steve McQueen - The Man & Le Mans" ist bisher ausschließlich in englischsprachiger Originalfassung erhältlich. Today’s retail price for a new Monaco is $5,900. Case in point: the Heuer Monaco used in his hit movie, which has become an iconic watch synonymous with both McQueen and motor sports. Indeed, in 2011 RM Sotheby’s auctioned the actor’s personal Porsche 911S – which was used in Le Mans – for a hammer price of $1.25 million (with buyer’s fee: $1,375,000). An ultra-rare Heuer Monaco watch worn by Steve McQueen throughout the making of his iconic film Le Mans will be auctioned on December 12, and could sell for more than half a million dollars. "Steve McQueen - The Man & Le Mans" ist bisher ausschließlich in englischsprachiger Originalfassung erhältlich. Hierzu wurden mehrere Rennsportgrößen mitsamt Originalfahrzeugen angeworben, unter anderen der Porsche-Werksfahrer und McQueen-Freund Jo Siffert sowie Vic Elford, Herbert Linge, Derek Bell, Rolf Stommelen und Herbert Müller. Disappointed, he folded it up and placed it in storage for the next 46 years. “Over coffee we talked about Hollywood, actors, Le Mans, and Steve McQueen. One immediately went missing, its whereabouts unknown. McQueen, selbst begeisterter Amateurrennfahrer, der unter anderem beim 12-Stunden-Rennen auf dem Sebring International Raceway in Florida 1970 beim Lauf zur Sportwagenweltmeisterschaft den zweiten Platz errang, wollte ursprünglich zusammen mit Jackie Stewart selbst auf einem Porsche 917 am 24-Stunden-Rennen in Le Mans teilnehmen, was ihm allerdings verwehrt wurde. Der Spielfilm mit Charakter einer Dokumentation beschränkt sich mit Ausnahme einiger Rückblenden auf das (fiktive) Rennen des Jahres 1970, für das Szenen des echten Rennens verwendet wurden. Here’s how the auction house described the watch in its catalog: This is the actual wristwatch worn by Steve McQueen during Le Mans production and in related images. 10 Personen fanden diese Informationen hilfreich. Chris Malburg is also an author, his latest novel is Man of Honor. Two stand out to me as being of greatest interest: hand-carved small model cars by someone on the set. Housed in a red, spring-hinged case sporting the Heuer logo and a checkered flag motif. Selbst mehr als 40 Jahr nach der Premiere im Juni 1971 gilt Steve McQueens Epos Le Mans immer noch als großartigster Rennfilm aller Zeiten: Allein die Startszene, bei der sich die letzten Sekunden bis zum Rennbeginn um 16 Uhr quälend lang hinziehen um dann in einer Orgie aus brüllenden Motoren, Chaos und rauchenden Reifen zu explodieren, ist ein Meisterwerk. Lesen Sie weiter. Often the props – such as wardrobe and personal items like watches – are provided by the manufacturer gratis in exchange for the possibility of a close-up or two in the film. Update: Loren Janes/Steve McQueen Ref. By contrast, Roger Moore’s Rolex used in Live and Let Die most recently hammered for $365,000, though its previous turn on the podium only brought $196,056. Directed by Lee H. Katzin. However, it is useful to know that this watch was sold at the first-ever themed auction, Antiquorum’s OmegaMania, which was an event in itself. Große Teile des Films entstanden trotzdem während des 24-Stunden-Rennens vom 13. und 14. At the same auction, one of three racing suits (with helmet) McQueen wore in the film hammered for $984,000. Vom Schauspieler und Amateurrennfahrer Steve McQueen ursprünglich als aufwendiger Dokumentarfilm konzipiert, später aus Gründen der Publikumswirksamkeit den Konventionen der Hollywooddramaturgie angepasst – leider auf Kosten der Spannung.“ – Lexikon des internationalen Films[5]. Nunley described how he assembled the props within the context of both the film and the character McQueen played: Michael Delaney, a flawed but respected driver with more on his mind than just racing. Die Idee zum Film stammt von Steve McQueen persönlich, der ursprünglich eine authentische Dokumentation über das 24-Stunden-Rennen plante. In Deutschland kam der Film am 26. One was of the Porsche 922; another was of a Ferrari.” Nunley sold them to Mike Isenberg in Beverly Hills. The film focuses on film star Steve McQueen's efforts to take control of his career. Back in 1970, the blue-dialed Monaco with its two subdials and date window retailed for $400. Examples of the celeb premium are rampant. Jack Heuer had submitted four chronograph models, three of which looked similar to the other watches. In 2017 another of the McQueen/Le Mans racing suits hammered for just $336,000. So he had his accountant, who was working in the next room, bring in his personal checkbook while I argued that the first check was more than fair. Nunley thinks the watch that was the subject of this auction probably was the hero watch of Le Mans. That is until McQueen strapped it to his wrist, climbed into his Porsche 917, and roared into history. Steve McQueen in Le Mans : Bande dessinée d'art - Meilleures Illustrations de Voitures Anciennes, Bande Dessinée pour Adultes, Adolescents, Enfants, et Jeunes Lecteurs (PARTIE 1) - Version Française Kitchen 4.6 out of 5 stars 135 ratings. In 1969 Heuer released the first automatic chronograph and broke with tradition by creating a square waterproof case to house it. Nunley gave the final Monaco to his dad, who wore it until he died some years later. However, this one has a story behind it. Nunley and Heuer succeeded in linking one of the most recognized high-end watch brands of the era with the megastar of the time. “He knew I had the watch and he wanted to buy it. Le Mans ist ein US-amerikanischer Film über das 24-Stunden-Rennen von Le Mans von 1970, nach einer Idee des Hauptdarstellers und Co-Produzenten Steve McQueen. So it's no surprise that the Heuer Monaco he wore in the film 'Le Mans' instantly became a hit. The widow of the suit’s owner then contacted Sotheby’s in 2017, where it was included at auction. Lastly, Nunley kept the original Le Mans script. Die Uraufführung des Films von Regisseur Lee H. Katzin fand erst am 9. ‘Steve McQueen: Le Mans in the Rearview Mirror’ by Don Nunley. 64 pages, same format, same style, same quality, One night in 2013, I had a dream… Sandro, if you don’t create a graphic novel about the movie “Le Mans”, no one will ever do it. So wird in den ersten 36 Minuten kein Wort von den Schauspielern gesprochen, nur der Streckensprecher ist zu hören. Nunley needed six watches. Zu Wort kommen McQueens geschiedene Frau Neile Adams, McQueens Sohn Chad McQueen, beteiligte Filmcrew-Mitglieder und den Fahrern – insbesondere auch David Piper, der während der Dreharbeiten sein Bein verlor. Steve McQueen wearing a Heuer Monaco on the set of ‘Le Mans’. Daniel Craig’s Omega Planet Ocean used in Casino Royale brought $255,565, the highest price ever paid for a James Bond watch. The sale price for the number four Monaco was somewhere between $40,000 and $50,000. One of the contest entrants was a teenager at the time, hoping to win the Porsche. Huttster. The watch is seated in a red felt base. What a surprise, since McQueen wanted his character’s costume to be as nondescript as possible. There was vigorous bidding, moving into the $9,000 range. In Le Mans wird das traditionsreiche 24-Stunden-Rennen von Le Mans behandelt, das in der gleichnamigen Stadt im Nordwesten Frankreichs ausgetragen wird. Der Film erhielt gemischte bis überwiegend positive Kritiken und erreichte bei Rotten Tomatoes eine Bewertung von 70 %, basierend auf 10 Kritiken sowie 80 % vom Publikum bei rund 5.800 Stimmen. “You’ve got to understand,” Nunley told me, “being the property master on a major film with the biggest star in the industry requires the diplomacy of an ambassador combined with the insight only a crystal ball can provide. 2015 erschien ein Dokumentarfilm unter dem Titel Steve McQueen: The Man & Le Mans von John McKenna und Gabriel Clarke, der mit Interviews und Privataufnahmen sowie mit Filmausschnitten und Making-of-Aufnahmen zum Film Le Mans die Leidenschaft McQueens zum Motorsport und Hintergrundinformationen zu den Dreharbeiten aufwartet. Nunley told me that he contacted Jack Heuer to see if he might have an interest in providing some pieces for the film. Nützlich. I wasn’t sure what the fair market value actually was, but I imagined it to be a little more than that. He must have read my mind because he handed me a cashier’s check for that exact amount. I did: the last Monaco, a gold Rolex Submariner, a Heuer Carrera, another Heuer chronograph, and three stopwatches used in the film. Oder starten Sie eine neue Suche, um noch mehr Stock-Fotografie und Bilder zu entdecken. The exact number of Monacos used in Le Mans is important because of the tremendous value attached to so few pieces. Steve McQueen wearing a Heuer Monaco on the set of the film ‘Le Mans’ (photo courtesy TAG Heuer), “During the time I worked with Steve,” Nunley continued, “I became a pretty good judge of what props would make him look good and be natural for him to handle on set. Le Mans: no words. Delaney ist traumatisiert, seine Gefühle befinden sich im Widerstreit zwischen Schuldempfinden und sportlichem Ehrgeiz, trotzdem startet er erneut in Le Mans. So if my accounting is right, I’ve identified where five of the six Monacos went. Later Isenberg told him that was the most money ever paid for a script not signed by the actor or director. Instead he chose the most unusual piece in the entire collection with its oversized, oddly shaped case and colorful dial. Oktober 1971 statt, er gilt neben Grand Prix von 1966 als einer der bekanntesten Rennsportfilme und ist ein Dokument des Motorsports jener Epoche. With Le Mans, Steve McQueen realized his very own idea of a film about race-car drivers: actions, gestures, and looks count for more than words. Steve McQueen unmistakably wearing a Cartier Tank on the set of ‘Le Mans’ (photo courtesy Getty Images) I found a full-color shot of McQueen sitting on an equipment box that shows the watch in its full glory on his wrist: a Cartier Tank Louis Cartier … Insgesamt wurde der Film trotz eindrucksvoller Bilder, rasanter Schnitte und aufwendiger Produktion (die Dreharbeiten dauerten mehr als ein halbes Jahr) aufgrund einer dahinter zurücktretenden Handlung und mageren Dialogen kein großer Publikumserfolg, gilt jedoch als ein Meilenstein im Genre des Rennsportfilms. Siegfried Rauch, im legendären Film "Le Mans" Gegenspieler von Steve McQueen, ist im Alter von 85 Jahren tödlich verunglückt: "Le Mans war riesige Faszination" And at USD 2,208,000, it is not only high, but this 1133B Heuer Monaco Worn by Steve McQueen in ‘Le Mans’ sets a new record. Die besten internationalen Rezensionen Übersetzen Sie alle Bewertungen auf Deutsch . After its release, German teenie magazine Bravo sponsored a promotional contest for two of the film’s memorabilia: the Porsche 914 as first prize and one of the remaining white Nomex racing suits (with helmet) as second prize. Der im Rennen teilnehmende Porsche 908/02, den McQueen in Sebring fuhr und der nun von Herbert Linge und Jonathan Williams gesteuert wurde, wurde mit drei Kameras bestückt, die während des Rennens über 10.000 Meter Filmmaterial aufnahmen. The watch was a steel Reference 5512 from circa 1967 with three hands and no date, but in decent condition. Of these four, Nunley kept one as untouched and unblemished, for use only in close-up photography and PR stills. McQueen often wore his personal Rolex Submariner on the Le Mans set. “These were so intricately detailed and so well done, they were truly works of art. Nunley’s product placement idea for combining the world’s most grueling and famous car race with the equally legendary Heuer brand was a stroke of genius. The market for film-used Nomex racing suits seems to have softened in the ensuing years. It seems that way. Alle Rezensionen anzeigen. Nunley saved the final four as backup reserves in the event that the primaries were damaged or somehow also disappeared. I had a number in mind for all the pieces I had brought. A buckled, black leather vented strap completes the handsome piece. “I got a call from a billionaire, one of the Forbes 400,” he said. “When we began the Le Mans project in 1970, Steve McQueen was at his absolute height as a movie star. En 2020, la nouvelle Porsche 911 Targa 4S Heritage Design Edition est à son tour sous le feu des projecteurs pour une séance photo dans le style des années Steve McQueen. 1971’s Le Mans was in pre-production, and McQueen, playing pro … This watch is one of the most iconic chronographs on the market. Required fields are marked *, Subscribe to have the best of Quill & Pad delivered straight to your inbox. His shopping list included stopwatches, timing boards, logo patches (for wardrobe), and several chronographs. Of the remaining four Monacos Nunley gave one to a dear friend. So I asked him where the remaining Monacos went after the film was released. Steve McQueen: The Man & Le Mans is a 2015 documentary directed by John McKenna and Gabriel Clarke. But perhaps no other pairing has achieved the epochal status of “King of Cool” Steve McQueen and the TAG Heuer Monaco in 1971’s Le Mans. Yes there was. Allerdings verzögerten sich die Dreharbeiten aufgrund von Unpässlichkeiten des Hauptdarstellers McQueen. Talk about product placement: Nunley was one of the first to tap this now hugely lucrative revenue source for filmmakers. Nunley sold Monaco numbers two and three on eBay. Often he’d insert himself as just another driver during the filming. I told them that they’d have to outbid the high-water mark on eBay of $9,000, but they’d better hurry since bidding would be closing soon.”. We hadn’t talked price yet. Timing is essential to motorsports, and Heuer was known for its precision and association to the sport even then: the sport’s leading participants actually used the brand’s timepieces. Le film s’ouvre sur l’arrivée de Michael Delaney au Mans dans sa Porsche 911 S. Dans cette scène initiale, la voiture est le personnage principal. Save Article as PDF. This watch could be the one auctioned. “He proceeded to write a check for a very generous amount intended for each of my seven grandkids. Additionally, motor sports also attract a well-heeled crowd. Besides this specific watch being worn by Steve McQueen in the film, and the Heuer Monaco in general being arguably the world’s first automatic chronograph, there is an additional level of provenance to this timepiece; the caseback features an engraving dedicated to heralded mechanic Haig Alltounian, who oversaw much of the driving and vehicle maintenance in Le Mans, that McQueen … Oktober 1971 statt, er gilt neben Grand Prix von 1966 als einer der bekanntesten Rennsportfilme und ist ein Dokument des Motorsports jener Epoche. That box office power gave McQueen the luxury of choosing his own projects and setting his own terms.”. It was well used, both by McQueen and my dad.” So the final Monaco came back to Nunley. So that’s my story of Steve McQueen’s Heuer Monaco. Nunley collected a number of other items from the film, too. Zudem soll McQueen bei zahlreichen nachgestellten Rennszenen selbst am Steuer eines Porsche 917 gesessen haben. I told him that if I took any more money I’d just put it into my grandkid’s education fund. And he sold it to Isenberg for $3,000. This could be explained by the continuing, extended public interest in both Rolex and auctions. This pretty much eliminated all other watches but the Heuers. Here are five facts about Le Mans you may not know, or perhaps have forgotten: 1. So I offered two of the watches on eBay. Steve McQueen Heuer Monaco from the 2012 Profiles in History auction (photo courtesy In the propmaster’s lexicon this is called the hero piece. In fact, his sleeve is often conspicuously pushed up to reveal the watch for the cameras. Huttster. Nunley began just shoving the colored pages into the back of his script, which he had nicely bound. He and I were having dinner one evening, and he told me about a watch he’d recently sold. The second highest was Craig’s Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean used in Skyfall, which hammered at Christie’s in 2012 for $254,273. Kommentar Missbrauch melden. Le Mans is a 1971 film depicting a fictional 24 Hours of Le Mans auto race starring Steve McQueen and directed by Lee H. Katzin. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Kommentar Missbrauch melden. [4] (Stand: 17. * This article was first published on June 26, 2018 at The Real Story Behind Steve McQueen’s Heuer Monaco: Exclusive Interview With ‘Le Mans’ Property Master Don Nunley. Nützlich. It’s a matter of supply and demand. Nunley says the actor appeared on days he wasn’t scheduled to work. Steve McQueen picked what would become one of the most famous watches in history out of a lineup. Just six years ago in 2012 Christie’s auctioned Eric Clapton’s 1987 Patek Philippe Reference 2499/100 in platinum for an astounding $3.6 million. On those days he’d wear whatever white driver’s racing suit was hanging in wardrobe and his Submariner. From this selection, Steve McQueen himself chose this specific watch to wear as his character “Michael Delaney” during production and in publicity photos. Vorlage:Metacritic/Wartung/Fehlender Kenner in Wikidata,, „Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike“, Fünf Tage vor der Uraufführung des Films, am 24. [3] Bei IMDb erhielt der Film 6,8 von möglichen 10 Sternen bei rund 8.000 abgegebenen Stimmen. He wanted to know if I had any other watches – of historic significance or not – that I might be willing to sell. Nunley bought all the timing equipment and the watches from Heuer for somewhere between $400 and $1,000 so they were his to do with as he chose. Er zählte in den 1960er und 1970er Jahren zu den renommiertesten Filmschauspielern der USA und war in Western wie Die glorreichen Sieben, aber auch in Abenteuer- (Papillon) und Actionfilmen (Bullitt, Getaway) zu sehen. Der Fahrer David Piper verlor einen Unterschenkel; dieses Opfer wird im Abspann erwähnt. “Knowing Steve’s reputation for having sticky fingers,” Nunley said, “I detailed one of my prop assistants to shadow him on the set and retrieve the watch whenever McQueen finished a scene. Today, of course, there are substantial fees paid by manufacturers for the privilege of having their products appear in a film. Tipp für die Coronazeit: Die Geschichte von Hollywood-Star und Rennfahrer Steve McQueen, die im Film 'Le Mans' gipfelte High performance escapement with “triple pare-chute” protection. Proceeds went to Orbis, a non-profit providing eye care in developing nations. Before Major League Baseball began handing out World Series rings, players were awarded watches. What a gentleman. There are so many shots in Le Mans of the Monaco poking out from under the right sleeve of McQueen’s white Nomex racing suit with the “Chronograph Heuer” patch on the right shoulder. “It was until then impossible … Alle Rezensionen aus Deutschland anzeigen. The changes came on different-colored pages to identify which version they were. The new opus called « AND STEVE MCQUEEN CREATED LE MANS » is much better than a simple part 2, this is the end of the legend of the movie explained by Steve McQueen himself. He was just coming off two hits – Bullitt and The Thomas Crown Affair. One of the Monacos surfaced in 2012 at Profiles In History’s “Hollywood Auction, hammering for $650,000 with a 23 percent buyer’s premium, bringing the sale price up to $799,500. Le Mans was filmed on location on the Le Mans circuit in France between June and November 1970 – including during that season’s actual 24 Hours of Le Mans race in mid-June. The result, Le Mans, was a box-office flop. Don Nunley is the author of a book about Le Mans entitled Steve McQueen: Le Mans in the Rearview Mirror. Zusätzlich zu den Originalaufnahmen beim Rennen wurden später Szenen nachgedreht. Not to mention the advertising tie-ins, endorsements, and all the rest that make Hollywood such a lucrative business apart from theatrical ticket sales. Le Mans ist ein Film über das 24-Stunden-Rennen von Le Mans von 1970, nach einer Idee des Hauptdarstellers und Co-Produzenten Steve McQueen. Designed in 1969 by Jack Heuer (great-grandson of brand founder Edouard Heuer), the Monaco was revolutionary not only for being the world’s first automatic chronograph, but also for its then-unheard-of square case. Of the five remaining Monacos, one was designated for McQueen to wear on set. The biggest mistake a prop master can make is not giving the star enough choices in the props he uses throughout the film. Am Ende der Dreharbeiten schenkte McQueen die Uhr seinem persönlichen Mechaniker Haig Alltounian, zugleich auch der Chefmechaniker des Films. STEVE MCQUEEN: THE MAN and LE MANS is the story of obsession, betrayal and ultimate vindication. Back in the 1970s, McQueen was the king of cool: he was a world-famous movie star and a prominent racecar driver.

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