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road trip new york washington

Jonathan was our tour guide and he is one of the best guide I encountered so far. New York (2 Tage) Bevor ihr mit dem … Wir waren Beide schon mehrmals in den USA gewesen, aber immer die klassische Route an der Westküste mit dem Wohnmobil. He took us to all the important tourist spots and sometimes accompanied us and sometimes let us enjoy alone. Die Fahrt dauerte in etwa vier Stunden und bezahlt haben wir gerade mal 10 $ pro Person. New York City to Washington, DC road trip planner. For more information, read our, See the Capitol, White House and the Air and Space Museum, Visit Arlington National Cemetery (passport or US ID required for entrance), Customers will get a mandatory temperature check, Free Wifi is provided on all buses. Bei diesem sechstägigen Trip erlebt ihr New York City im Bundesstaat New York mit seinen schwindelerregend hohen Wolkenkratzern, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, mit seinen geschichtsträchtigen Straßenzügen und natürlich Washington, D.C., wo sich der Sitz der US-Regierung befindet. Kommen Sie vorbei an New Jersey, Delaware und Maryland, bevor Sie in der Hauptstadt der USA ankommen. You can change this under our cookie policy. Pass through the states of New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland before arriving in the nation's capital. Bruecke ist teuer und der Verkehr sehr stark. We have a couple of route suggestions, and also offer tips on places to stop between Washington, D.C. and NYC plus some ways to make the road trip go smoothly. The I-95 down to Washington isn't the most exciting of roads, but there are a few cool detours to make along the road - our pick would be exploring the Brandywine Valley, near Wilmington, Delaware. Nutzt die Zeit, entspannt die Straße Beach Road von Edgartown nach Oak Bluffs ... Es war einfach traumhaft, hier zu sein und auf dem Weg zurück nach New York haben wir noch; Washington D.C. wirklich genossen! From A short distance away is Fort McHenry that was an integral part of the War of 1812 and a source of inspiration for what became the song “The Star Spangled Banner”. Daraus entstand dann die doch etwas längere Tour von New York nach Key West. Melden. Our family of 4 (kids 11 and 9) will be taking a trip during the summer and we will be driving between New York City and Washington DC. Arlington National Cemetery. € 139.06 Have Non-Perishable Food Available: Even for shorter road trips, it’s always a good idea to have water and non-perishable food like beef jerky, peanut butter, nuts or other items handy in the car. And we went ahead and made a spooky road trip out of it. After pestering bewildered bystanders I find a shopping mall (Best Buy) and go looking for a map. Während des zweitägigen Ausflugs von New York nach Amish Country, Philadelphia und Washington D.C. bekommen Sie von allem etwas geboten. Die Brücke über den Hudson River ist nach einer berühmten Kurzgeschichte von Washington Irving benannt, in der die beiden Nachbarorte Hudson und Catskill erwähnt werden. Receive a curated 48-hour itinerary featuring the most iconic experiences in New York City, straight to your inbox. Um Punkt 7 Uhr morgens fährt der luxuriöse, … Necessary pit stop: Remind yourself that New York City isn’t the state capitol (though it arguably should be). we think to do similar trip to Boston as well with 7 day return trip. Wen packt da nicht das Reisefieber? The East Coast of the US is another historically significant hot spot for tourists to explore. See the Capitol, Senate, and White House, and understand the core of the US government. Noah Hoffman. East Coast Road Trip Itinerary. Mein Rücken hatte sich seit New York so blockiert, dass ich nicht mehr aufrecht stehen konnte, geschweige denn aus dem Bett kam. In summary, EXCELLENT tour - content-wise, experience-wise and money-wise. Here’s how to plan a half marathon and road trip to DC from New York City: Training in the gym for a half marathon . There is so much to see and do in The City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, but one of the best-known landmarks is the Philadelphia Museum of Art. All rights reservered. It is a very long trip. Unser New York Road Trip beginnt und endet in der weltberühmten Metropole und führt euch in knapp zwei Wochen zu den sehenswertesten Städten und Landschaften in naher und ferner Umgebung. Bei meinem Ostküsten-Trip von New York nach Miami fuhren wir zu zweit ebenfalls wieder mit dem Bus von New York nach Washington DC. Starting in New York City and ending in Miami. Now, as I build my own music mix before we head out on a Washington, DC to NYC road trip, I slip a little country music into the playlist for my kids. Highlights: Everything in New York City, Washington DC’s museums, historic Southern towns and Miami’s South Beach. It’s a great way to see first-hand how the Amish live. Just one point for improvement - the glass holders attached in front of seats should be cleaned properly and the seat covers looked old and should be replaced at some regular interval. For the fastest route, all you have to do is get on Interstate 95 North toward Baltimore, Maryland, and you can take that all the way to Lower Manhattan and then everywhere else you need to go in New York City. Die Fahrstrecke zwischen Washington, DC und New York, einschl. Privately, I was also much amused by your new discoveries on the east coast, as an American. Admittedly, they hear a lot of it on the radio these days as more country musicians go mainstream. To take a road trip from New York to Washington, D.C. is - for a tourist with only a few days to spare at least - to swap grit for grandeur. Just be advised that traffic along the way can be brutal, especially during morning and evening rush hours. © 2008 – 2020 GetYourGuide. It was a long day, starting early in the morning and ending late at night, nur it was worth it. about The Best Cars For Long Distance Driving, about What Are the Best Electric Cars? Cover some of the United States' most historic cities in this 2-week Northeast road trip itinerary covering Williamsburg, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, and Boston with suggestions on where to stay and what to do at each stop. View RV campgrounds between New York City … about Our SIXT Network remains operating and your safety is our top priority! Besuchen Sie auf diesem ganztägigen Ausflug in die Hauptstadt Washington, DC eines der wichtigsten politischen Zentren der Welt. SIXT PREMIUMCLEANING STANDARDHYGIENE MEASURESIN OUR … [Read More...] about Our SIXT Network remains operating and your safety is our top priority! We won’t deny it, we love taking road trips! Dort sahen sie das Elend. In the late afternoon, embark on a panoramic city tour before your departure back to New York for an early evening arrival. Of course not without excitement along the way. Made in Zurich & Berlin. This Natural Wonders Road Trip Will Show You New York Like You’ve Never Seen It Before. Fahren Sie in einem klimatisierten Bus oder Minivan im Zentrum von New York los in Richtung Süden nach Washington. Why should you drive through this county in southeast Pennsylvania? Zumindestens wuere ich den Wagen so mieten, dass Du ihn nur fuer die Fahrt zu de zwei 6-Flags benuetzt. Drei Wochen New York wären dann doch wieder zu viel, also schauen wir doch mal was es sonst noch so „in der Nähe“ gibt. . 1. The second World War cemetery could be avoided to have more time at the museums. Zum einen die wohltuende Ruhe auf dem Land, zum anderen den Trubel der Hauptstadt der USA. Smithsonian Air & Space Museum (free time). If you choose to go east from Washington, D.C. on Highway 50 through Annapolis you will have a lot to see. Continue to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, before visiting the Lincoln, Korea, and Vietnam Memorials. There are several ways to get to New York from Washington, DC where you will have a bit more to see and explore than interstate gas stations and fast food. I loved the enthusiasm of your writing style, making it all sounds like the new adventures of a kid, yet from the age info, far from that now!!! Wählen Sie für Ihren Routenplan Washington - New York eine der Michelin-Optionen: die von Michelin vorgeschlagene Route, die kürzeste Route, die schnellste Route oder die wirtschaftlichteste Route. Also known as the Pennsylvania Dutch, the group largely lives without modern technology and you can see their farms while driving through and buy their homemade products. And if you are relocating or are not sure what your plans are after arriving in New York, a one-way rental might be the right option for you. treplow. We also have competitive rates, whether you need a one-way rental for just 1 day or for 28 days or more. nach oben. Dies ist eine der beliebtesten Touren, weshalb ich Ihnen empfehle, sie bereits im Voraus online zu buchen. It’s worth the detour if you have the extra time. He remembered everybody's name!!! Visit Historic Richmond Town where you can see what life was like for the first settlers in the area, or stop at Fort Wadsworth. That way everyone’s fresh and can enjoy playing! It’s not hard to see why. By continuing to use this website, you agree that cookies may be placed and used on your computer. That way if you break down or would just like to eat something without stopping you are all set. Copyright Sixt © 2020. A very great experience. Pack an Overnight Bag: If you are planning a drive that will require at least one overnight stay, do yourself a favor and pack a separate smaller bag with pajamas, changes of clothing, toiletries and anything valuable you don’t want to leave in the car overnight. Whether you are relocating in New York, had a flight from Washington, D.C. canceled, or New York is simply the first part of your journey, a one-way rental is an affordable option. per person. Departing from central New York, you will head south to Washington in comfortable air-conditioned buses or minivans. Here you will find old military ships, a science center and plenty of restaurants to try some fresh crab. If you're planning a road trip to Washington, DC, you can research locations to stop along the way. Driving from Washington, D.C. to New York City can take as little as 4 hours if you take the most direct route. Von New York nach Miami – Hershey & Washington New York, pulsierende Weltstadt und bevölkerungsreichste Metropole der USA, ist Auftakt einer spannenden Autofahrt, die zunächst nach Hershey führt. The drive from NF to DC would take you 8 hours with no stops (remember also, you need to get from Hamilton down into Niagara Falls (maybe you can get a ride from someone else at the wedding?) Following GPS instructions we start our 7 hour road trip to Washington DC. Zitieren. Antworten. Traveling with a dog or cat? Training: Preparing … From packing up the kids for a vacation road trip or looking … [Read More...] about The Best Cars For Long Distance Driving, Electric cars are the choice of environmentally aware … [Read More...] about What Are the Best Electric Cars? There’s nothing better than packing up the car and spontaneously hitting the road, in search of new adventures. Erkunden Sie die Ostküste der USA mit dieser Städtereise nach New York und Washington, D.C. Auf Sie warten 5 Nächte in New York und 3 Nächte in Washington. The drive from Washington, D.C. to New York is a relatively quick one and can easily be done in a day. Nach ein wenig Recherche und Planung entstand unsere kleine, aber feine Route, die wir euch heute vorstellen möchten: Von New York über New Haven nach Boston und wieder zurück. What a wonderful road trip report of your east coast visit - a combo of a road trip and city stays. Sixt uses cookies to provide you with the best possible service, to improve and evaluate the content of the website and to promote Sixt products. Suggest Games Early: If you want to play any games, whether it’s Old Maid or I Spy, it’s a good idea to do them as soon as you get on the road. Our road trip to Washington D.C. and New York City! Gray Line Visitors Center at Port Authority Bus terminal 42nd St. (between 8th and 9th Ave.) at 6:30 AM. Elke und Sarah wunderten sich bereits warum kein anderer in der Lobby war und kamen dann doch hoch ins Zimmer. Yes, the art inside is superb, but you can also take a picture running up the stairs out front, just like Rocky Balboa did in the movie “Rocky”. As promised, I finally completed it. Routenplan Washington - New York Berechnen Sie Ihre Route von Washington nach New York schnell und einfach mit ViaMichelin. I would like to know of any suggestions on nice places to stop along the way. Start with a visit to the Arlington National Cemetery where you can visit the Kennedy family gravesite, then it is on to Capitol Hill. There are several ways to get to New York from Washington, DC where you will have a bit more to see and explore than interstate gas stations and fast food. Yes, the route we propose below, passing through parts of Maryland and Pennsylvania before entering New Jersey, will take you at least an hour more than the straight shot up I-95. It sure makes it easy to impress these boys that I know the words to the songs. No maps, no clue and surprisingly no road signs to Washington DC in New York / New Jersey. Round-trip transportation in an air-conditioned van or bus, By signing up, you agree to receive promotional emails. The stop at the museums is far too short to have a chance to visit at least on of them. View pet-friendly stops between New York City and Washington, DC. Head to the Inner Harbor, an area that was once an important seaport. Distanz: Washington, D.C. – New York City (6 Stunden, 375 km) Transport: Privatfahrzeug Mahlzeiten: Frühstück. Von einigen Freunden hatten wir gehört, Boston sei sehenswert. Als wir im Sommer wieder einmal nach New York reisten, war von Anfang an klar: Diesmal möchten wir mehr als nur Manhattan und Brooklyn sehen. . Philadelpia auf den Tunrpikes ist landschaftlich ziemlich langweilig, die Maut auf den Tueripikes und fuer die Tunnel oder G.W. But if you are feeling adventurous, there are other more scenic options that take slightly more time but might be worth your while if you are not in a rush. You can unsubscribe at any time. Hier findet ihr einige Informationen zu den wichtigsten Sehenswürdigkeiten, die ihr während des Tagesausfluges von New York nach Washington D.C. sehen werdet. No matter which route you take from DC to New York, you are likely going to pass by Baltimore and this historic city is worth a stop. You don't need a car in Washington, or in New York City - taking the train between the two is the best bet. The capital city of Maryland has a historic district featuring buildings from the 1700s, a harbor, and is home to the United States Naval Academy. Camping along the way? Sure, you can take a free ferry from Lower Manhattan to Staten Island, but then you’ll be on foot and only able to see the area around the ferry terminal. Visit the political center of the world on a full-day trip to the Capital City of Washington DC. Never thought you‘re able to see so much on just one day. Here's a sample itinerary for a drive from New York City to Washington, DC. Here I am introduced to GPS (satnav) which without we wouldn’t have gotten far. On top of all, if you have one spare day the day trip from NYC to Washington DC is a must as you would see many things that you knew life long. Our Guide Jonathan was very politly, helpfully, humorously and on the balls during the whole trip. New York to Philadelphia is a great day trip to do as the city is relatively closeby. Take a road trip to the Catskills and you're following an example set by generations of New Yorkers before you. Book your day trip to Philadelphia by bus online here in advance. Albany: Geschichte und Kunst in der Hauptstadt New Yorks Auf dem Weg nach Nordosten überquert ihr die Rip Van Winkle Bridge. A driving time of 5 hours and 35 minutes, this chilling trip will take you across the Finger Lakes and out to Western New York. Our SIXT Network remains operating and your safety is our top priority. SIXT offers a selection of car models for your journey, whether its a budget economy car, a premium sedan, a spacious SUV or minivan with plenty of cargo space, or a fun sports car or convertible. Im Reisepaket enthalten sind Flüge mit weltbekannten Fluglinien und Flughafentransfers. 11. While the drive from Washington, D.C. to New York will likely only take you a day, three are ways to make it easier for everyone in the car. It takes 5 hours to get to Washington DC. Whether you're thinking of flying, driving, taking the train, or riding the bus, we've weighed out your options so you can make a decision based on what you want out of your trip. Answer 1 of 3: We would like any sugestions and ideas of what to see as travelling from New York(NY) to Washington by car returning to NY in about 7 days. Ausgangspunkt dieser aufregenden Reise, die etwa drei Wochen in Anspruch nimmt, ist New York, der berühmte „Big Apple“. This service is not available on the vans. The trip itself features a variety of locations, from a restaurant, theatre, castle, asylum and museum, there's ghosts haunting places all over the state! He stopped at regular interval and let everybody know his full-day programme including breaks and repeated the same time to time so that you remain relaxed always. Alles in allem ist diese Tour mit circa 2 bis 3 Wochen gut kalkuliert und ihr habt genug Zeit, entspannt unterwegs zu sein! Macht euch mit dem Mietwagen ab New York auf die Reise entlang pulsierender Metropolen und einzigartiger Landschaften. As anyone who ever saw the movie Dirty Dancing knows, this was one of the region's top resort communities for many generations. nach oben. Yes, the route we propose below, passing through parts of Maryland and Pennsylvania before entering New Jersey, will take you at least an hour more than the straight shot up I-95.

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